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Life Insurance for Veterans

Life Insurance for Veterans

Life Insurance for Veterans, Life Insurance is guaranteed by Service Group Group Life Insurance (SGLI) for those who work for the United States Marine Corps, the Army, the Air Force, and the Coast Guard Command. After leaving the armed forces, however, they lose this scope and should replace it with another directive.

Life Insurance for Veterans

Veterans Group life insurance

Veterans Group Life Insurance ensures that service members can continue their life insurance coverage after leaving service.

To be eligible for VGLI, an application must be made within one year and 120 days from the following date:

Leaving active service or training

Allocation to individual standby reserves of any agency or inactive national guard
Withdrawal, resignation or release from the National Guard or the share reserve
Placement of the list of pensions for temporary incapacity to work
Veterans who hide their SGLI coverage within 240 days of VGLI discharge do not need to undergo a medical exam or provide health information about their use. After this 240 day period, service members applying for VGLI may be denied VGLI coverage or higher premiums may be paid.

As long as the premiums are paid, VGLI provides lifelong collateral.

VGLI Details
Premium fees depend on age
The premium rates are the same regardless of gender
The premium fees are the same for smokers and non-smokers
The insurer can choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual premium payments
A 5% premium discount applies to policyholders who choose to make an annual payment.
VGLI has no registration or membership fees
There is no waiting period between the start of a policyholder’s guarantee and the time when the claim is paid.
No suicide
Not an object of war
While VGLI rates are generally suitable for young veterans, it can get expensive later because age is the only factor determining VGLI premiums. In addition, VGLI only offers risk life insurance and does not generate any present value.


Other military insurance companies are the American Armed Forces Mutual Assistance Association (AAFMAA) and the USAA. Both insurance companies offer life insurance to healthy older veterans.

Private life insurance

Group life insurance for veterans is not the only option for veterans, and it may be possible to find a cheaper premium and private life insurance. If you choose private insurance, you also have the option to take out life insurance instead of life insurance if you prefer.

Life Insurance for Veterans

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